A recently published study that manipulated Facebook News Feeds has sparked outrage among users who are criticizing the ethics behind the experiment, which was conducted by Facebook and several universities. Researchers tweaked the feeds of 689,003 users to show a disproportionate number of positive or negative statuses for one week in January 2012. They found […]


It’s easy for humans to identify faces in pictures on Facebook, but the method isn’t as simple for computers. Sure, Facebook has a suggested prompt that predicts who you’re trying to tag, but now the company is working on a technology that promises “near-human accuracy” so you won’t have to do it yourself in the […]


TED says its conferences provide “ideas worth spreading,” and Facebook apparently agrees. Facebook and TED on Monday announced a content collaboration for Paper, the company’s standalone news reader and publishing app released in late January. For the week, the Ideas section of Paper will feature TED material exclusively. The Ideas section within the app typically […]


The basic shape of urban growth is easy to spot; we look at the fastest-growing cities, for example, or immigration numbers. But yesterday, Facebook’s Data Science team revealed a less obvious pattern: Mass coordinated migration, where a group from the same city moves to another. Who are the winners and losers in this urban game? […]


Facebook still doesn’t have a Dislike button, but its Messenger app just received a collection of new stickers, including an image of a thumbs down. In April, Facebook introduced stickers — essentially, Facebook-branded emoticons — to its web and mobile chat feature. The latest crop of images in its “Like” pack includes a sore thumb, […]


Facebook is the cigarette of 2013, the “bad habit” many are trying to kick. And the doubts seem to be stemming from Facebook’s younger users. Mashable reached out to a few Millennials, in particular, to find out why they left Facebook — and why some returned. While the reasons for cutting the cord ranged from […]


Just because you are Facebook friends with your old lab partner from high school doesn’t mean you want to see his posts each day in your News Feed. The social network will soon allow users to “unfollow” friends whose comments and updates they want to remove from their News Feed, according to a Facebook spokesperson. […]


The 29-year-old billionaire founder and CEO of Facebook gave his most recent pitch for immigration reform during an interview on Sunday with ABC News’ This Week. “The future of our economy is a knowledge economy,” Zuckerberg said. “That means getting the most talented people into this country is the most important thing that we can […]


It’s time to move on. The feeling is becoming more and more significant with each passing day and it just keeps spreading. It’s just not it any more… we want something new, exciting, which can take us places we’ve never been. We want to be surprised again. We want a new, better social network. Facebook […]


Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) scheme has been knocking around in its current form since April 2012, formed out of a merging of its Preferred Developer Consultant (PDC) program and Marketing API Program (MAP). The aim of the group is to help connect brands and advertisers with developers who can make their marketing campaigns more […]


Have you ever wondered how Facebook ranks your friends for you? The company keeps a score for everyone you interact with on the social network. This affects the order of results when you start typing a name into the search box, the people that appear in your Friends pane when someone visits your profile, whose […]


Facebook’s iconic “Like” button is changing today, and the thumbs up symbol we’ve long associated with it is no more. The company’s Share button is also changing, though we’re gonna guess you’re not quite as interested. Read the rest of the original article here! * Text and image from http://engadget.com


There’s no beating Facebook when it comes to driving traffic to publishers. The world’s largest social network directed 10.4% of traffic to websites this past September, according to data from 200,000 publishers. Coming in an unexpected second place, Pinterest drove the second-most traffic to publishers with 3.7%. The photo-sharing website drove three times as much […]


This is either useful or terrifying, depending on how the data affect you: Researchers at Facebook and Cornell University have figured out a formula that predicts whether a couple is likely to break up within the next 60 days. Jon Kleinberg, a computer scientist at Cornell, and Lars Backstrom, a senior engineer at Facebook, took […]


There’s a storm coming. It’s a storm of goofy personalized comics, and it’s going to spread like a slightly annoying wildfire through your Facebook News Feed — if it hasn’t already. We’re talking, of course, about Bitstrips. If you don’t recognize the name, you likely recognize the pictures. Bitstrips are the shareable, customizable comics all […]


Mobile advertising drove Facebook’s impressive growth in Q2 as the company continued to increase monthly active user numbers north of the one billion mark. For Q3 2013, the social network beat analysts’ expectations once more with $2.02 billion in revenue for the period. Daily active users for the month of September averaged 728 million (a […]


Each day brings fresh confirmation that giving away any information means you’re giving all of it away, thanks to algorithms that crunch your language use, purchasing habits, friend structure and other bits of information. And now big data can see inside your heart. The latest offering from Facebook’s data-science team teases out who is romantically […]


Roughly one of every seven people on the planet visited a Google web property in July. Google sites received 1.2 billion unique visitors in that month alone. Statista’s chart, below, shows the 10 companies with the most frequently visited properties on the Internet, ranked by number of unique monthly visitors. Read the rest of the […]


Ever since we started Buffer a little over two years ago, people have been asking us about one question very specifically: The topic is a very tricky one, as the accuracy for what works best is hard to nail down. Whilst we have some specific techniques that we are using for our own postings and […]


Facebook is giving its teenage users a public voice on the platform. For the first time, beginning Wednesday, users between the ages of 13 and 17 will be able to post publicly and obtain followers of their profiles. Previously, teens using Facebook were only able to share content with friends, friends of friends and custom […]