Sand-made packaging re-establishes the ritual of discovering a gift and the concept of sustainable packaging. As an answer to the increase of waste in modern society, we have developed a material using one of earth’s most abundant natural resources, sand, to create packaging for precious gifts. Read the rest of the article here! * Text and […]


Keeping your workspace in order is dull. But these fun cable tidies inject a little humour into proceedings, by turning your rat nest of wiring into a stack of fake barcodes. The brainchild of Duncan Shotton, there’s not a huge amount to say about these devilishly simple yet good-looking tidies. They’re flat sheets of plastic […]


Feeling the effect of natural soil touching your feet can now be possible after wearing these pair of Outback Shoes by PaleoBarefoots. It has been solely dedicated for those who love to stay amidst nature and enjoy the pleasures of barefoot walking without harming their skin. The flexible lacing system and the ankle savers ensure […]


The Hey Joe coffee mug is a travel sized coffee mug that acts just like any other coffee mug, except it can brew coffee inside of your thermos and regulate the temperature automatically…which means not only can you ensure your coffee is immediately ready to drink as soon as it’s done brewing, but that you […]


Most fitness trackers look like they belong in the gym or on the race track, which is fine if you’re working out, but not so great if you want to look your best at the board meeting or that fancy cocktail party. The Withings Activité, however, changes the notion of the fitness tracker entirely with […]


There’s been a lot of fuss made of Chromecast in the last month or so. After a few false starts, however, the simple, low-cost streaming stick for the Google-faithful is finally on Australian shelves. Here’s how much it is and where you can get it. Chromecast dongles will be available today for $49. Compared to […]


When firefighters have to enter a burning building, much of their job still involves blindly feeling their way through dense plumes of toxic fumes in search of those trapped inside. However, a novel new helmet design could one day give firefighters the ability to see through the smoke and hear beyond the roar of the […]


Forget never leaving the apartment; how about never leaving the couch? This concept sofa by Milan-based Burak Kocak has features enough to mean that you could sit at it for days on end. Called Herb, the comfortable seating of the sofa is straddled by a storage shelves on one side and a table on the […]


In a world overwhelmed with paper, Sony introduces a revolutionary new way to work. Digital Paper from Sony, in conjunction with a document management solution, gives you the power to annotate, share, and save your documents – all from a handy device that’s light enough to carry anywhere! Check it out here! * Text and […]


Special moss graffiti art installation by Toronto based artist Jennifer Ilett, in collaboration with Sprout Guerrilla, and curated by Vandana Taxali. Artwork entitled “Hello/Goodbye” combines technical and digital techniques and imagery with the natural media of living plantlife. Read the rest of the original article here! * Text and image from


We all know that paper is made from wood. Our 22nd FIELD NOTES COLORS seasonal release is made OF wood. The “Shelterwood” edition features covers made from actual American Cherry wood, sliced ever-so-thin and bonded to a substrate of kraft paper for durability. We believe we’re the first notebook company to manufacture such a product […]


Shelfie is a contemporary design that will look perfect inside your home, with or without a bike. Check it out here! * Text and image from


Well, this is awesome. Designer Yumi Yoshida has designed the perfect couch for those who just can’t commit to giving up an entire chunk of their apartment to a sofa. Instead, her Origami Couch unfolds into a wide, thin floor mat in the blink of an eye. Here’s how it seems to work: The entire […]


Music is personal. It’s tied to our identities, our emotions, even our friends. So the idea that a complex algorithm could make us smarter about music is counterintuitive. The creators of Cone, a wireless speaker that learns what you like and builds on it, think they’ve cracked the code. Cone is the first product by […]


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Ahhh.. the good old problem of battery life…. when it comes to smartphones if someone came up with a battery that could survive a FULL day’s worth of action, they would rake it in… Remember those good old days when mobile phone batteries used to last a week without needing a charge? Well those days […]


The Fly Trap is not only a replacement to the popular Goshman Coin Pouch, but a bold leap forward in design, rich with possibilities previously un-imagined in the world of coin tricks. We dare you to think different. Check it out here! * Text and image from


The Whistle Activity Monitor is an on-collar device that measures your dog’s activities including walks, play, and rest, giving you a new perspective on day-to-day behavior and long-term health trends. Check-in from your phone, share memorable moments with family and friends, and make informed decisions with your vet. Check it out here! * Text and […]


Current fitness trackers are simply glorified pedometers. Steps are important but they’re only a single metric of your fitness. Atlas is a wearable device that tracks and identifies your different activities, evaluates your form, counts your reps and sets and calculates the calories you burned. Atlas measures your success; all you have to do is […]


The Android™-based Polaroid Socialmatic camera lets you connect with your favorite apps to share your photos instantly. Print 2″x3″ photos instantly on ink-free paper with ZINK® Zero Ink® printing technology for smudge-proof, water resistant and tear resistant photos. It’s a revolution. The Polaroid Socialmatic camera has the appeal of classic Polaroid cameras paired with today’s […]