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Marinda Chang is a Brisbane-based graphic, web designer and e-learning expert with many years of experience working with corporate and government organisations, specifically the vocational education and training (VET) sector. She has a passion for content development, new and emerging technologies and their applications for education and training. In addition to her professional pursuits she is currently undertaking a Doctorate in Creative Industries research the digital competency of VET educators in Queensland through the Queensland University of Technology. Most recently, Marinda has been working as Educational Technologist at StudyGroup Australasia, Instructional Designer at SkillsTech Australia and freelance design work.

When Marinda is not working or daydreaming about her next far out adventure-filled holiday she can be found catching up on tv, film, music, art, getting her geek on, drooling over food and preparing her zombie apocalypse survival kit… occasionally she can also be found speeding around Brisbane on her green fixie.

For more information visit Marinda’s LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter!

NOTE: I’m simply curating things I find interesting, I do not claim any posts as my own other than the content I have produced. I always link to where I found the content. If you have any questions please email mpyr.ink [@] gmail.com

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  1. Marinda your blog looks amazing! I can’t wait to try some of your recipes. Looking forward to following you :)


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