Feel miserable working in a cubicle or living in a boring town? The Internet has revolutionized the term ‘work’ today, bringing new opportunities and employment that didn’t exist until recently. For many, the Internet is an opportunity to combine work and traveling the world. The term ‘digital nomad’ is frequently overused and often simply means […]


The basic shape of urban growth is easy to spot; we look at the fastest-growing cities, for example, or immigration numbers. But yesterday, Facebook’s Data Science team revealed a less obvious pattern: Mass coordinated migration, where a group from the same city moves to another. Who are the winners and losers in this urban game? […]


Are you slowly killing your houseplants? Probably. But there might be a reason other than neglect that they’re all yellow and wilting: your Wi-Fi router. An experiment by a handful of high school students in Denmark has sparked some serious international interest in the scientific community. Five ninth-grade girls at Hjallerup School in North Jutland, […]


In five years, doctors will use your DNA to keep you well. Cities will be smarter and use social feedback to make residents part of decision-making processes, and retailers will leverage the power of mobile devices to upgrade in-store buying to the point where it will be a better experience than buying online. Or so […]


The sommelier’s favourite “Waiter’s Friend” corkscrew, pull corks like a professional. Corkscrew with easy-open lever, foil-cutter and beer bottle opener. Designed like a peg-legged pirate with eye-patch, beard, hook hand, earing, black bandana and even a parrot. Forget Blackbeard, “Legless” is the hardest working pirate in the bar. Check it out here! * Text and […]


Get the rest of the original recipe here! *Text and image from Ingredients 1 bottle sparkling pomegranate juice 1 cup cranberry juice (or cranapple juice for something sweeter) 2-3 oz vodka (optional) fresh mint or basil pomegranate seeds for garnish


Alcohoot officially launched today its smartphone breathalyzer, an accessory that plugs into the audio jack on your iOS or Android device to help you track your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). The Alcohoot costs $120 and is roughly the size of a Zippo lighter. Alcohoot says it has tested compatibility with flagship Android smartphones from Samsung, […]


Get the rest of the original recipe here! * Text and image from Ingredients 3 cups flour ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder 2 teaspoons baking powder ¼ teaspoon baking soda ¾ teaspoon salt ¾ cup unsalted butter, softened 1 1/3 cup sugar 3 eggs 1 tablespoon buttermilk 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 teaspoon white vinegar ½ […]


Facebook still doesn’t have a Dislike button, but its Messenger app just received a collection of new stickers, including an image of a thumbs down. In April, Facebook introduced stickers — essentially, Facebook-branded emoticons — to its web and mobile chat feature. The latest crop of images in its “Like” pack includes a sore thumb, […]

“Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem


When deciding whether to make an online purchase, skin color matters to some consumers, new research finds. A study recently published in the Economic Journal of the Royal Economic Society discovered that online shoppers are less likely to purchase a product if a black person or someone with a tattoo is selling it. As part […]


For tablets, the race to the bottom has just reached a new low with Datawind’s Ubislate 7Ci, an Android tablet that’s on sale now for $38. The Ubislate 7Ci has an interesting history. It started out as a project by India’s government to get cheap tablets into the hands of students, under the name Aakash. […]


For over 100 years, the light bulb didn’t evolve much, generally sporting the same, well, bulbous design ever since Thomas Edison gave us the original in 1879. Lately that’s changed as LEDs and CFLs have challenged the conventional bulb, and now Philips is taking light bulb design in a new, flatter direction. The SlimStyle looks […]


Get the rest of the original recipe here! * Text and image from Ingredients Filling 150 gram sweet red bean paste (Japanese: azuki an) 6 fresh strawberries, hulled, washed and dried Mochi 100 gram glutinous rice flour (Indonesian: tepung ketan, Japanese: shiratamako) 2 tablespoon sugar 150 ml drinking water tapioca starch/corn starch


Facebook is the cigarette of 2013, the “bad habit” many are trying to kick. And the doubts seem to be stemming from Facebook’s younger users. Mashable reached out to a few Millennials, in particular, to find out why they left Facebook — and why some returned. While the reasons for cutting the cord ranged from […]


All of Vesta varieties are made with only the freshest chile peppers sourced in North Carolina. Every pepper is chopped, processed, mixed and packaged by hand in Raleigh, NC to deliver top-quality. We use all natural ingredients, no preservatives, we are certified as a Goodness Grows in NC brand and we are Vegan too! Check them out […]


AMC’s hit drama Breaking Bad, which ended its acclaimed five-season run in September, will live on in a previously announced spinoff about quirky criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. On Monday, we learned that the series — titled Better Call Saul after Goodman’s office slogan — has found a home for when it’s finished airing on AMC […]


Colorblock plant hanger with hand coiled yarn design, cotton rope w/synthetic core, 45” Check it it out here! * Text and image from


This year the Palace of Arts in Budapest celebrates Christmas with a 11 meters high Christmas tree. Hello Wood, a local architecture and design studio, has built a special installation made out of 365 sleighs – it will stand in front of the Palace of Arts until the end of the holidays. After Christmas, the […]


What music should you be pumping through your headphones when you work out? This isn’t just about taste. The right music can improve your form, optimise your heart rate and lower your risk of injury. Listen up. Welcome to Fitmodo, Gizmodo’s gym for your brain and backbone. Don’t suffer through life as a snivelling, sickly […]